Entry Identity Platform

Core concepts


Identity, as an internal concept of Entry, is the combination of verified data points about a person.
Parts of the identity are used for various Flows, such as Login or Verification. Identity is based on the three core components:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Trusted device
  3. 3.
    Government-issued ID


Flows describe the processes related to managing identity. We define them to make achieving identity-related goals easier, turning them into simple, configurable API calls.
The main flows are:
  • Registration flow - the process of creating and verifying an Entry account.
  • Login flow - the process of authenticating to Entry.
  • Enrollment flow - the process of joining a workspace.
  • (Coming soon) Verification flow - the process of confirming claims about the user to the workspace and connected apps.

Core Account

Every Entry user has exactly one Core Account - where they control what information is stored and how it's processed. All connected applications treat this account as the single source of truth, which guarantees the uniqueness and integrity of the users coming from the platform.


Workspace is one place to manage your users, connected applications, settings, and more.
You can have multiple workspaces, using them for managing separate directories of users or solving different problems. For example you could create one workspace for managing your work SSO and one workspace for verifying your customers.

User directory

Entry allows you to store and manage users. User directory is a collection of users belonging to the same workspace.