Entry Dashboard

Entry Dashboard is the web app that allows you to manage your workspaces, users, and connected apps. This is the starting point for trying out Entry as well.
All you need to get access, is to create an Entry account - no subscription required.
The dashboard allows you to:
  • Launch your user directory in a few seconds
  • Start accepting new users - even if you haven't launched yet
  • Set up multiple app integrations and retrieve the settings you'll need on your side

Getting Started

Create a workspace

Navigation on the left contains your workspaces, sorting them into two parts:
  • Workspaces that you have admin access to
  • Workspaces in which you are a user
Start by creating your first workspace. To streamline user registration, set "Type" to "Public" - you can always change it later.
After creating a workspace, you'll see your user directory - right now it's just you, with admin access.

Manage your users

Verification level icons on the right show you what has already been verified
You can invite users directly by clicking "Add new user".

Create your apps

"Apps" menu on the left allows you to manage your integrations.
By default we provide a pre-configured app for connecting to your G Suite. There will be more preconfigured options in the future, to help us prioritize what you need - drop us a message in the community:
Your applications
Click "Add new app" in the top right corner.

Try locally

To try Entry locally, click "Add new app" and choose "openid-connect" for a Protocol.
When the app is created, add http://localhost/* to "Valid Redirect URIs" - this will allow Entry to redirect to your local copy of the app when you launch it.
App settings
That's it! On the right you see the settings you'll need for integration.
To proceed with running your local app, see: