Privacy and security

Privacy is one of our core values. Entry was designed to help companies reach the perfect balance between security and privacy in all aspects of users' lifecycle. We are committed to protecting your privacy and making sure that you retain complete control of how your information is used.

Core privacy principles

Don't be data-hungry

The best way to preserve your privacy is to limit how much your data is stored elsewhere. We design our workflows to avoid storing excessive data, except what's needed for authentication and verification of our users.
Everything that can be anonymized, is anonymized, especially biometrics.
Whenever we make a change that concerns an end user, we do it only with their informed explicit consent.

Instead of sharing data, provide assurances

One of the biggest insights that led to creating Entry was that if you want to use ten applications, you shouldn't share everything you have with all of them - they don't really need to see your data to trust you if they trust us. Entry functions as your personal "blue checkmark" in all connected applications that trust our verification process.