Entry Overview

What is Entry?

Entry is a verified identity platform. Entry enables you to build secure authentication in your app, verify your users' identities, and manage access to all your resoures from a single app.
Entry processes uses' biometric and other identifying information on your behalf, limiting your risk exposure and improving users' privacy. Typically, when you verify new users, you need to store all kinds of sensitive information. Not anymore - we do it for you, exposing only the results of verification, and

What can I use Entry for?

Entry simplifies user lifecycle management, from registration and verification to login and deprovisioning. Typically these workflows are done with multiple different products, integrating and maintaining them is difficult.
Entry can be used both in connection with your existing user directory, and as the main source of truth about your users.
The typical scenario is this:
  • You have one or more applications that need to share users between them.
  • There is a need for a simple, reliable, and secure login process, preferably with multiple factors.
  • You need to be sure that users, both existing and new ones, are who they say they are.
  • You need to manage users from a single application.
There are two main cases
Customer Identity
Workforce SSO

Sign up, verify, and login users into your app

Entry's integration with OpenID Connect makes it really flexible in integrations. It functions as a drop-in replacement for all your user directories, services for verification, etc., giving you instead access to all our verified users via an API.
Verified login with Entry for your own apps

Workforce SSO and MFA

You can set up an SSO for enterprise apps in your workspace with Entry.
Workspace SSO with Entry

How can I integrate Entry?

Entry maximizes compatibility with the existing, proven technologies. For integrations, it relies on the two most widely used protocols, OpenID Connect and SAML:
  • OpenID Connect is a simple, flexible protocol for authenticating users and retrieving their user profile. This is the recommended protocol to use with your own apps.
  • SAML is mostly for connecting enterprise apps, such as G Suite or Slack.
We provide a range of guides that explain how to easily add Entry to your application, or as an SSO. The list of guides is constantly growing here: Quickstarts
List of OpenID Connect libraries: Supported technologies
Entry integrations are not limited by what you see in the guides. If you have any OpenID Connect client library you are comfortable with, you will be able to integrate everything just as easy - our app dashboard provides you with all settings you need.
If you don't find the guide for your framework of choice, leave a request in our community and we'll create it as soon as possible: https://www.entry.community/c/requests/